Business of business

Recent years have seen a sharp increase in the number of immigrant mums entering the world of business. Managing a business along with family can be challenging for any mum. Immigrant mums are no different though the challenges faced may be enhanced due to issues like settling in new place themselves, getting the household running and helping kids adjust in a new country.

In this scenario, it helps to be among peer who faces similar challenges. Seeking advice and sharing knowledge on various businesses.

With this mind, Shipra Tewani (owner at Melange Chic) came with an idea to create the Indian Mumpreneurs group. Later Supported by Mansi K Bhatia (owner at Mash Accessories). They together started to shape Indian Mumpreneurs as a place for Indian and sub- continent mums who manage their own business and to learn from each other’s business. We aim to support members achieve their full potential by tapping into their talents and help them overcome the challenges of managing all aspects of family responsibilities.

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The high cost of taking the products to market has been the most discussed topics. This gave rise to the idea of creating a platform to help members showcase their products. The “Artisan’s House” event to be held on April 29th at Castle Hill RSL is an excellent opportunity for members to showcase their talent and gain exposure. The organizing team from The Indian Mumpreneurs are ensuring that the costs are kept to a minimum by utilizing own spare time to work on logistics and other arrangements. The participating mumpreneurs will share only the infrastructure costs ( such as venue, insurance cost) without any markups. Our main aim is to build on the Indian mumpreneurs current presence in Sydney and hoping to have an Australia-wide presence soon.