Boudoir et Jardin hosts a Birthday Party for Priyanka Chopra’s mother before unveiling to the public!

By Kabir M Ali

Yes, you heard it right! Priyanka Chopra is back in B-town to celebrate her mother’s birthday in a very special way. To make it an unforgettable event, she decided to host a party at soon-to-launch resto-lounge Invincible- Boudoir et Jardin, an ode to women around the world. Invincible chooses to be the place where a woman has the chance to be an unabashedly unapologetic version of herself, thus getting Priyanka to choose this resto-lounge to ensure that her mother, Mrs. Madhu Chopra has the best night! PC’s younger cousin and famous Bollywood celebrity, Parineeti Chopra also attended the party.

Keeping with the theme of the resto-lounge, “Boudoir” translates to a private room for ladies in French; and showcased red-velvet backgrounds, gilded mirrors and antiques that boasted of the ever-lasting art and culture of France. This resto-lounge seemed to be the perfect place to host an intimate yet lavish party for Mrs. Madhu Chopra with her set of girl-friends and her darling daughter, Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

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Gifting Mumbai this first of its kind boudoir space, ‘Invincible- Boudoir et Jardin’ will open to the public on Sunday, 9th June. Block your calendars now so you know where to have a good time