Blockbuster Bacche to make India dance to their tunes!

Zee TV, over the past 25 years, has been at the forefront of providing a platform to the talent of India’s common man and opening up a world of opportunities for the truly deserving. Amongst its home-grown non-fiction formats, Dance India Dance has established itself as one of the biggest talent hunt shows of all times. Giving dance its due respect, Dance India Dance has revolutionized the art form in India, making it a mainstream career choice for millions. After having begun the year entertaining audiences with the superlative talent of India’s young adults, it’s time for the country’s youngest generation to put on their dancing shoes and take center-stage as ‘Amul DID Li’l Masters powered by Lifebuoy’ premiered on Zee TV on 3rd March. A perfect reflection of Zee TV’s core philosophy Aaj Likhenge Kal, the show gives wings to the aspirations of young dance enthusiasts, empowering them to take charge of their destiny and pursue their passion for dance. Having introduced viewers to talent like Faisal Khan, Harpreet, Jeetumoni and Teriya Magar amongst many others, DID Li’l Masters, in its latest season, celebrates the unmatched dancing talent that sets ‘Blockbuster Bacche’ apart from the ordinary, lending them an instant following and a celebrity status. Having aired episodes showcasing the exciting auditions, DID Li’l Masters is all set to reveal its top contestants in the upcoming weekend’s episodes. The ultimate celebration of dance, DID Li’l Masters airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM only on Zee TV! The show is produced by Essel Vision Productions ltd.

Like every action-packed season filled with priceless moments, DID Li’l Masters is living up to its promise of being truly dhamakedaar and blockbuster. This time around, it’s not only the blockbuster bacche that will take audiences by storm. Guiding, coaching and mentoring the little dance prodigies through their journey on the show are two reality TV debutantes who’re making a transition from Bollywood to the small screen. With everything from critically acclaimed films to widely popular dance numbers under her belt, the gorgeous Chitrangada Singh has floored audiences with her looks, charm, acting prowess and dancing ability. Having cemented his position as a master story-teller and a multi-faceted director, Siddharth Anand will add yet another feather to his cap, with his debut as judge on the show. Together along with ace choreographer Marzi Pestonji who has been an integral part of the DID family across seasons, they will help the talent strike a perfect balance between dance and drama in their performances. Motivating the kids every step of the way, choreographing their routines and polishing their acts are the show’s skippers Vaishnavi Patil, Tanay Malhara, Jeetumoni Kalita and Bir Radha Sherpa – each of who have risen from the very same platform. Adding some tongue-in-cheek wit, spontaneity and comic relief to the show are its talented host duo- Jay Bhanushali who continues his association with DID and child comedienne Tamanna who had viewers in splits when she shot to fame on Zee TV’s India’s Best Dramebaaz.

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Deepak Rajadhyaksha, Deputy Business Head, Zee TV said, “With a strong legacy of creating stars out of India’s common man through our varied homegrown non-fiction formats, Zee TV launched Dance India Dance back in 2009. The franchise has only grown ever since and transcended the boundaries of being a mere reality show and changed the landscape of dance in the country, cutting across age groups through its extensions like Li’l Masters and Super Moms. In fine sync with our brand philosophy Aaj Likhenge Kal, the previous seasons of DID Li’l Masters have enabled young talent in the country to leverage their dancing talent and build an extraordinary future in the field of dance. Through a slew of opportunities and the right kind of exposure, the show has given birth to an all-new breed of young budding dancing superstars who have emerged as names to reckon with in the entertainment fraternity. The new season of DID Li’l Masters celebrates the kind of superlative dancing talent that separates the blockbuster kids from the ordinary and wins them an instant celebrity status. In fact, a Bollywood Blockbuster aura has been created around the new season through all its communication, brand imagery and a season-long Bollywood theme. The format now enables the contestants to perform as solos, duos and groups, exploring and establishing the latest trends, forms and styles in the dance circuit. And, as we welcome this season’s Top 16 contestants, we wish them luck and hope that their dance journey brings them the fame and recognition that they deserve.”

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Commenting on her TV debut as a judge on DID Li’l Masters, Chitrangada Singh said, “Dance has always been my passion and as an actor in our film industry, dance has played a big role in my journey. I think of dance as a form of expression and a medium to tell stories. We’re probably the only culture that manages to beautifully integrate dance into our films and it even takes the story forward, adding its own unique flavor. As judge on DID Li’l Masters, I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge pertaining to the importance of expressions and grace in dance with the contestants, especially the Top 16, as they progress through the season. I am enjoying my stint completely as it has given me an opportunity to experience, first-hand, the amazing pool of talent in our country, the young children whose incredible talent promises to shape our future to build a better tomorrow!”

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Bollywood director Siddharth Anand who has joined the judges’ panel this year said, “On the set of my film, in a way, I also judge talent, and direct them. There, it’s my vision. Here, there’s a creative director with whom I have extensive discussions on what their vision is for the show and what they want to portray. I love the passion that this team has; it matches the passion that I have for my work,” says Siddharth, who has done his homework through extensive workshops of dance.” Speaking of the kind of talent he is looking for in the show, he said, “I will take a holistic approach and will be looking at the stories that they are trying to tell through their dance, expressions, costumes, overall presentation and how well they use the stage. I’ll leave the technicalities to my co-judge Marzi.”

Ace choreographer Marzi Pestonji further added, “DID Li’l Masters is about etching the future of dance in our country. The show serves as a great medium for budding young talent, honing their skills to become experts in this field. The winners of the show, over the years, have experienced tremendous fame in the industry and achieved new heights in their career. I am thrilled to continue to be a part of this journey and present the next generation of dancing sensations. This season’s contestants truly have what it takes to make the country dance to their tunes!”