State Member for Holsworthy, Melanie Gibbons MP announced construction of a new Opal activated bike shed at Liverpool Station is now complete, providing an extra 30 secure spaces for our customers. “Customers who cycle to Liverpool Station can now leave their bikes inside the Opal access bike shed while they catch a train,” Ms Gibbons said.

Melanie-fiji “This upgrade assists with reducing bikes that had previously been left haphazardly around the station and offers users a safer and more secure option of storing their bike when riding to the station.

“Use of the bike shed is free for cyclists and all they need to do is link their Opal card through the bike lockers website.

“This is a great facility and we hope it will help encourage more people to cycle to the station as part of their daily commute.” Bike sheds providing secure spaces will be installed at more than 40 train stations and transport interchanges around Sydney and surrounding regions.

“These facilities are being delivered as part of the Bike and Ride initiative, which is identified in Sydney’s Cycling Future, Transport for NSW’s plan to make bicycle riding a feasible transport option,” Ms Gibbons said. “We are making public transport an attractive option for people and the availability of these new bike sheds will make it easier for customers to use public transport.” To link your Opal card for bike shed access or find where your most convenient bike shed is located, simply visit