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Amit Sadh’ in exclusive conversation with Divya Solgama

(Source – Bollywood Times)

Amit, ‘Running Shaadi’ is a special film for you as you will be seen for the first time in a romantic comedy. So kindly walk us through your role in the film.

Amit Sadh – I play Ram Bharose Pandey from Patna, who works as a salesman in a bridal store in Punjab. Tapsee plays the role of Nimmi, who is store owners daughter. A cute love story develops between Ram and Nimmi, which is set in a small town. Ram Bharose Pandey is a very soulful guy who has a limited personality, but at the same time is very sharp and honest. He comes up with a naive idea about helping all those people who run away from their home in order to get married. So he collaborates with friends and together they start helping lovers elope from their home, but in a very systematic manner.  In betwamit-sadheen there is the love story between Ram and Nimmi going which goes through its ups and downs because of their immaturity and the age. It’s a beautiful romantic comedy with lots of fun.

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Amit, ‘Running Shaadi’ took a lot of time to reach to the cinema hall. How did you deal with this delay?

Amit Sadh – I have gone through delays before in life and have become a veteran in it. Maybe there is a reason for me to learn as I feel any delay in life is painful and frustrating. But this delay only made me stronger and I am happy that this movie is coming out. I want this movie to do well and entertain people as it’s made with total honesty.

Amit, last year was a memorable year for you as your role in films like ‘Sultan’ and ‘Akira’ was highly appreciated. So hows the whole fresh feeling of success?

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Amit Sadh – It’s a good feeling as I waited a long time. First, it took so long to get one film, then I got ‘Kai Po Che’, again there was no work and finally ‘Sultan’ came. I think these things only make me stronger. They make me have faith and believe in me. I just want to continue working hard and finally I am happy as I have got some big films lined up.  After ‘Running Shaadi’, I have ‘Sarkar 3’ then ‘Yaara’ followed by two more films coming out this year. So fingers crossed.

Amit, is it true that Mr. Amitabh Bachchan recommended your name for ‘Sarkaar 3’?

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Amit Sadh – Yes, that’s true, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan did recommend my name for ‘Sarkar 3’. I just hope I have not let him down or Ramu Sir down. Working with Mr. Bachchan is life changing. He is like an institution, like an acting course for any actor. You can just watch him, his films, read about him and learn from it. Watching him up so close, working with him and seeing his hard work, enthusiasm and honesty for his craft has made me realize that I have not even began. For me, my life till now was different and after ‘Sarkar 3’ is different. I can say that my life will be defined as before and after ‘Sarkar 3’.