Best Media Professional

By Kabir M Ali

Parul Chawla, a renowned media, communications and events maestro was recently awarded as ‘best media professional’ at Skill Indian Awards 2019.

The award ceremony was organized to appreciate and recognize the body of work of proficient people from different fields such as media, hospitality, healthcare, events etc.

Director and Founder of the foremost PR company, Picture ‘N’ Kraft, Parul has done meritorious work for a lot of Indian and international clients catering to their diverse requirements such as advertising, event management, public relations, brand/celebrity management, sponsorship, marketing, media and communication strategy amongst others.

Leveraging her creativity and business acumen, she has had a decade-old dynamic stint with; strategizing marketing for over 100 films, music albums & singles, Distribution of films, Content syndication and production of film-based programs for the overseas market, Creating image building and brand building exercises for film stars, TV actors, fashion designers, political campaigns, product launches etc.

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As an accomplished solution provider, she has worked with all the leading corporate entities in India belonging to the world of media, entertainment, fashion, sports and events. She owns a family film production business under the banner of M/s Parul Films International as well.

This luminary’s illustrious body of work represents a perfect blend of corporate excellence and individual brilliance. She brings an intuitive understanding and matches it with her out of the box thinking for clients.