Bengalis from Australia wins UK’s prestigious The Bengal’s Pride Awards

By Indranil Halder

Last month, legendary ex-Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly attended “The Bengal’s Pride Awards 2022” at the famous Churchill Room, the House of Commons, United Kingdom(UK).

Bengal’s Pride Awards 2022 & Samit Kumar Biswas:

The Bengal’s Pride Awards is a global platform to reward achievements of Bengalis- from the UK, India, Bangladesh and across the globe. As the global Bengali community grows and thrives, numerous Bengalis have made significant contributions to every profession including healthcare, banking, politics, education, arts among others. And awards such as The Bengal’s Pride Awards is more relevant today than ever before. In 2022, The Bengal’s Pride Awards committee along with Samit Kumar Biswas(founder trustee of The Bengal’s Pride Awards in the UK Parliament since 2017) accepted nominations and carefully selected nominees.

Samit Kumar Biswas is a pioneer of Medical Tourism and Consumerism in Indian healthcare. In 2011, launched First Ambulance Booking android mobile app Book My Ambulance. Works as a CEO & Director of Advatech Healthcare Pvt. Ltd & Advatech Health Care Europe Ltd ( A Health Care Technology and Service company). Involved in building the World’s First Digital Safeguarding technology and services for disabled, elderly people and non-emergency patients. He, himself was nominated for Frost & Sullivan “Medical Tourism Company of the Year 2015, was a Finalist for Llyod’s Bank’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 and also known for Top 22 British Start-up brands in London.

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Gala gathering for Bengal’s Pride Awards 2022 & Aussie Awardees:

In 2022, for the very first time in Tasmania, Australia, we Bengalis will be celebrating Durga Pujo with idols from Kolkata, India and we are thrilled to learn that Bengalis in United Kingdom, are marking their third year of The Bengal’s Pride Awards. In Australia, Bengalis landing in 1797 and been a part of Australia ever since. The Bengali community has been, for decades, contributing to growth right across the globe in continents, countries and communities in Africa,Australia, Fiji, Guyana, Trinidad, Suriname, Scandinavia, Mauritius, UK, United States. Today, there is nearly half a million Bengalis in United Kingdom. While Bengalis such as Bikky Chakraborty of Sweden (Owner/ Hotel entrepreneur of Elite Hotels), Sandeep Biswas of Australia (MD of Newcrest Mining) and Ann Mukherjee (Chairman and CEO of North America, Pernoid Ricard) are also extremely successful in their own rights.


As a Bengali from Australia, I was in contact with Samit Kumar Biswas in UK, to nominate global Bengalis for their contributions. Samit was not only enthusiastic but helpful in providing information for my several nominations. It was amazing to learn Goutam Ghosh( Indian Film Director) and Joy Chakraborty( Chief Operating Officer P.D.Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Mumbai, India). The judging panelists were Shehla Raza Hasan (Executive Director of Manchester India Partnership), Anita Goyal (Board Trustee at Hallmark Care Homes Foundation), Bankim Chandra (CEO of DotSquares) and Alpesh Patel(CEO , UK Govt Dealmaker, Dept of International Trade). And amongst 2022 winners were Anthan Barman(food industry) Bina Bhattacharya( film industry) and DrJayanta Biswas(medicine).

As we Bengalis enthusiastically received the news of Australian awardees, congratulations poured on our Facebook updates from across the globe. The Bengal’s Pride Awards committee celebrated the event with a gala gathering of its trustees such as Anna Firth( MP Southend West) and Samit Kumar Biswas with guests and awardees. One of the Australian award recipient Bina Bhattacharya said ,” I am very honoured to be an Award recipient at The Bengal’s Pride Awards in London! An enormous humble thank you to Indranil Bengal Halder who nominated me in the Arts and Culture category for my work on Here Out West, where I honoured Bengali language and particular the songs and music of Bengali icon Rabindranath Tagore, in a way that spoke specifically to members of the Bengali diaspora who are disconnected from our mother tongue in some way. “

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The Bengal’s Pride Awards strive to acknowledge, honour and recognise Bengalis from across the globe for their worldwide achievements and contributions.

To learn more about the award, please contact Samit on