Begum Arshi Khan Is Back in Action!

With just days to go for the grand finale, Bigg Boss has something ‘Mean’ in mind for the Top 5! As they make way to the lawn area, Bigg Boss asks them to discuss, deliberate and with aapsi sehmati nominate one contestant who has been the meanest in the past 3 months. In what was the shortest discussion ever, they all agree that Akash Dadlani, is in fact, the meanest contestant! Showing a matured outlook, Akash admits that he has been mean and willingly places his own photograph on the board.

But a surprise awaits the gharwale, and as the blinds of the bedroom open to the tune of ‘Rashke Qamar’ Begum Arshi Khan makes a grand comeback to the house! Welcoming her with a warm embrace, the inmates are glad to see the original Naagin again in the house. Bigg Boss announces that Arshi is here to test the mean-ness quotient of everyone and will be playing an integral role in the task, titled ‘Arshi Chahte Hai’. As the Sanchalak and judge of the task, she is also armed with a special power that will be revealed upon completion of the task. This task also gives the contestants a chance to get rich quick by winning some ‘dhanraashi.’

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In the task, every time the sound of laughter echoes, a new round begins with a contestant image being put out. The rest of the contestants must think of ways to be mean to this contestant and share their ideas with Arshi, who will select the meanest option for the contestants to perform.

As the first laugher rings, Shilpa is in the limelight and everyone jumps in with creative ideas to torture her. While Akash and Hina suggest that they take away her medicine for cold (Vicks); Vikas wants to flush her constipation powder down the drain. Puneesh decides to destroy all her footwear and Arshi gives him a green light on the same!

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Will Puneesh be able to do this task successfully?