Beauty Is Power

Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide, an initiative by Shri Sai Entertainments Pvt Ltd, an international beauty pageant that celebrates Indian beauty on a global platform, is all set to be hosted in Dubai on November 12

Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide is an initiative by Shri Sai Entertainments Pvt Ltd.- an organization working since 2008 providing platform to young enthusiastic designers to showcase their talent and for models to full fill their aspirations and dreams. Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide a platform of inspiration, learning and stardom for a common woman – coming from different parts of the country. The pageant celebrates inner beauty and talent as much as the physical appearance of any contestant, and hence it will be instrumental in setting standards for evaluating and expressing the inner beauty of a global Indian woman. It is an effort to bring together the best talents of India and Indian residing overseas on a single platform.

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Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide provides a good platform to the married Indian women, which lets them explore themselves once again in terms of their inner self, creativity, out rightly speaking in front of a large audience, etcetera.  Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide holds auditions in all the major cities of India and Skype auditions for the contestants residing abroad. The selection is done taking in consideration, three important elements- 1) Introduction: This is from where we get to know what the contestants are like, their interests, why do they want to get associated with our pageant, why do they want to enter the fashion industry. Conversations with them also tell us about their support systems and whether their family or in laws or husbands are supporting them or not. We come across many happy and sad faces during this round but it really helps us in getting to know the inside out of the contestants. 2) Catwalk: This is a general round where the contestants are asked to show their catwalk skills. This round helps us in knowing their confidence level. 3) Talent: Here the contestants have the liberty to either show off their dancing, singing, acting or mimic skills. This round is kept to take a look into their creative side and again, to measure their confidence level.