Bangkok Birthday Celebration

By Ayan Chattopadhyay

Few months ago I left India. Bangkok, Thailand is now my new home. My new association with Gems and Jewellery sector has kept me tremendously busy with frequent travels across the globe. And it was time of the year when life calls for celebration!

Birthday Eve Surprise:

Bangkok is a city of eccentricity and Na-Oh Bangkok touches down well on that front. When we were planning a fancy venue to celebrate my pre-birthday bash, Na Oh came to Indranil’s mind. I think this has been the best dining experience we have ever had. Thanks to my friends Indranil Halder and international rugby player Akash Balmiki who came straight away from Australia and India to surprise me on my birthday-eve in Bangkok!

Na-Oh Bangkok is an old jumbo plane restored into a fine dining restaurant. Smacked right in the middle of Chang Chui market of hipster cool bars, restaurants and vintage clothing stores. You won’t miss this mammoth plane neon lit with an out of this world spiral slide attached to it. An old rickety lift or stairs dials up your curiosity and when you set foot – you’re dizzy with the interior.

We were treated with the First Class menu which consists of 12 courses, called MotherTounge. It’s ingeniously concocted and the plating is stunning. The decor is eclectic to say the least. Either the chef or management bought together taxidermy, floral and antique chandeliers to an abandoned airplane to create a unique dining experience unlike any other. The staff was humble friendly and spoke fluent in English. NA-OH is an anagram of Noah hence Noah’s ark runs through thick as a theme throughout. It’s one of the most spectacular and creative dines I’ve had. Such was my pre-birthday celebration.

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Of course, a good bar is always a great option, when it comes to birthday celebrations – especially if the plan is to get a bit tipsy and enjoy some hearty conversations with your friends. After the fabulous pre-birthday bash at Na-Oh Bangkok, finally it was the time to celebrate my birthday in my STYLE!

Birthday Drinks & Dinner:

Guess what!!

BKK Social Club – the glamorous social bar at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok became the destination of our night. Evoking the golden age of glamour, the BKK Social Club overlooking Chao Phraya River celebrates the legendary allure of Buenos Aires and the energy of today’s Bangkok.

When we went in the d-day morning to check out the venue we were enthralled by its charm, even in day-time. From the moment we enter the bar, the vibrant yet seductive design sets the scene. Designed by AvroKo, the dramatic back bar is reminiscent of Argentine grand architecture, displaying an extensive spirits collection, caught our eyes. Plants such as Elephant Ears (which I am used in West Bengal, India) sprouting with chandeliers above and layers of colonnades invite guests to explore the ambiance. The cocktail bar features green velvet upholstered banquettes with backrests stretching to the ceiling, while two semi-outdoor courtyards encourage socializing.

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One side is home to Bangkok’s cigar aficionados, while the other offers the perfect space for social gatherings to enjoy bespoke bottled cocktails and champagnes.

During our meeting with the innovative Beverage Manager Philip Bischoff who brought his talents to the bar we were happy to learn that our venue for the night has ranked No. 1 in Thailand and No.21 in the world by Drinks International for the Bar World’s Most Influential Figures. Bischoff shares the artistry of mixology with bespoke cocktails that reflect the typical drinking culture of South America combined with local Thai touches of Lychee martini and local Thai beer. Followed by a dinner with authentic coconut water, jumbo prawn red curry and sticky rice with mango dish to end the night.

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Every Beginning has its End :

As it says every Beginning has its End. Here are the photos from my solo post-birthday dinner. It also marked my first ever proper experience with Japanese cuisine from late 18th century!

When Japan opened it’s doors to the foreign world during the Meiji Restoration in the 19th century, cuisines from around the world flooded into Japanese Culture. As time progressed, Western Cuisines began to gradually merge with traditional Japanese cuisine resulting in Yayoi-Ken which opened in 1886. This marriage of traditional Japanese cuisine with Western influence resulted in what we now call Teishoku.

Teishoku, or a meal set, is a familiar feature in everyday Japanese Cuisine. The reasoning behind this set up is to promote a daily well balanced meal between the carbohydrates, proteins, and vegetable intake. With fresh high quality ingredients, it’s quite amazing to have a well-balanced meal taste so good!

My birthday was absolutely unforgettable, probably the most beautiful birthday I ever had. I feel deeply blessed and very lucky just thinking about celebrating it in Thailand. Thailand is definitely the country to celebrate birthday with style.