Ball In PINK Court

McGrath Foundation announces major donation on Day Two of the Pink Test

Day One of the Commonwealth Bank Sydney Pink Test was a great day for both Australian Cricket and the McGrath Foundation. With a fundraising target set during the Pink Test of $390,000 which will place one McGrath Breast Care Nurse for three years, the McGrath Foundation announced Day One’s fundraising end of day total was $70, 675.

Day Two of the Commonwealth Bank Sydney Pink Test looks to be another huge day for the McGrath Foundation with the Commonwealth Bank announcing this morning a donation of $40,000 plus $100 for every four and six over the course of the Sydney Test.

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20170104_100911The CEO of the McGrath Foundation, Petra Buchannan says, “Today’s donation from the Commonwealth Bank is a great demonstration that businesses can make difference to helping families experiencing breast cancer. We would love to see other organisations get behind the Pink Test and help make more McGrath Breast Care Nurses available for anyone across the country”.

By end of play yesterday, thanks to the work of our Australian Cricket team’s top order batsman and of course Dave Warner’s amazing ton, 42 boundaries were made and an additional $4,200 donation from the Commonwealth Bank.