For hundreds of years Baisakhi has been an opportunity for Sikhs to celebrate the bonds of culture, history and identity. It is a time for joy and celebration, of giving thanks with family and friends.

The New Year is a time for reflection on the year past, and it is a time for optimism as we look to the year ahead.

At this time, I wish the Australian Sikh community well as you welcome in the New Year.

Communities across Australia will once again gather to enjoy the very best of Sikh food, dance, and music. I wish everyone an uplifting and memorable occasion, and peace, happiness and prosperity for the year ahead.

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As one of the largest religions in Australia, I thank the Sikh community for your contribution to making us one of the most successful multicultural nations on earth.

The Australian Sikh community is vibrant and strong—seen in your dedication to education and hard work, and in your generosity and love for this country. It is these ideals that sit at the heart of how we live as citizens, and how we, as a nation, remain resilient and cohesive.

With these thoughts in mind, and in a warm spirit of friendship, I offer my best wishes to the Australian Sikh community for a wonderful Baisakhi celebration.