Baaraat Company

‘Baaraat Company’ movie review By G9 Divya Solgama

Expectations: Love stories related to traditional indian marraiges have been one of the most loved genre in our Hindi films. There were some films where the entire focus was on the marraige events while others had it in the background of the film. Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma’s ‘Band Baja Baarat’ managed to establish a new genre of modern day enter-pruner’s related to the business of marriages. This movie started the series of films with a romantic tale woven around the same theme. While few of them managed to keep the novelty factor alive, others just ended up becoming mere clone of the successful films. ‘Baaraat Company’ is one such small film with the theme of romance set across the business related to marriage. Thus, lets find out whether ‘Baaraat Company’ will manage to deliver something different under its genre or might end up being among all those films which are made only to follow the fad.


Story: ‘Baaraat Company’ is a story of Imu (Ranveer Kumar), who along with his grandfather and friends run a company which takes all the odd jobs related to marriages. Along, with these works Imu and his friends also provide protection to the marriage so that bride or the bridegroom does not elope with their lover. One day Imu tries to block the eloping plans of Yasmeen (Anurita Jha) by beating her lover Aakash. In this process Imu meets Yasmeen’s best friend Mehak (Saneepa Dhar) and has a change of heart. Next day Imu and his friends gets Yasmeen marry Aakash and later hides them in his farmhouse. This act gets Imu close to Mehak and what happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technical Details: The basic story idea is good and interesting. It’s just that the screenplay is super lethargic and takes its sweet time. Most of the scenes are stretched without any reason due to which the impact gets diluted. There are some sweet romantic moments between Ranveer and Sandeepa which ends up being the best scenes from the film. The narrative is super slow and there is minimal happening in the screenplay. The comedy at places is forced and unwanted. The cinematography is fantastic and goes well with the flow of the film. The dialogues at times are heartfelt and seems perfect for a romantic film. Sadly, the consistency is nowhere to be found.

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Music: The music is average. ‘Belagaam’ and ‘Pyar Mein’ are fine but nothing worth remembering. The background music fails to gel with the flow of the film.

Direction: Director Sayed Ahmed Afzal comes up with a interesting tale but fails to execute it in right manner. The impact gets wasted due to super slow narrative and weak screenplay. There should have been more substance in the film.

Performances: Ranveer Kumar lacks the heroism. His character is good but his performance is not up to the mark. The expressions are monotonous. Sandeepa Dhar looks beautiful and does her part with total grace. Anurita Jha, Vishal Karwal, Rohit Bhatnagar, Anil Rastogi and Rajender Sethi lends good support.

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Final Verdict: So on an overall basis ‘Baaraat Company’ ends up like a plain register marriage instead of being a big fat traditional marriage. It had all the potential to become one of those small feel good type of sweet films but ends up being a below average type of films with good one liner idea attached to it

Rating – 1.5/5 [Source – Bollywood Times]