Aussie Desi ghee made using Australian cultured butter churned by Pepe Saya

Pepe Saya Desi Ghee is made using traditional methods. They simmer their Cultured Butter, patiently stirring it until the milk solids separate, and it is then caramelised over a low heat. The result is beautiful liquid gold ghee, which is then passed through a muslin cloth to remove any impurities and then bottled hot. The ghee has a rich and nutty flavour, with the traditional fractured and layered texture of Desi Ghee.

Pepe Saya’s Desi ghee is inspired by their team, who are predominantly of Indian heritage. They are fortunate enough to have this advantage to ensure their Desi Ghee is 100% authentic. Each jar of Desi Ghee is hand-checked and carefully overlooked by Hiren Patel, head of their production.

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The ghee is made in Caringbah NSW at the Pepe Saya Creamery, using 100% Australian cream sourced from farms in NSW and Victoria. Pepe Saya’s inspiration with Indian heritage continues in forming a distribution partnership with HiLands Foods in distributing Aussie Ghee throughout Australia. HiLands Foods is also of Indian heritage and strategically located near M4 and M7 corridor.