The Assistant Minister for Health and Medical Services Mr Alex O’Connor commenced the health facility visit in Taveuni and the entire northern division this week.

The aim of the visit is to inspect the facilities and identify the immediate developments which will further strengthen the delivery of health services in the medical division.

Hon O’Connor highlighted that some health facilities need urgent attention such as repairs and maintenance and he will certainly look into this.

“Some health facilities were built way back in the 1970’s and are in dire need for expanding because we now have services such diabetes foot care and Maternal Child Health clinics and we need to cater for them therefore these extensions are necessary”, he said.

He further discussed the challenges the staff encounter and has advised the Northern Health Service to address them so people can access better health services.

Equitable and affordable health services remains the priority therefore nobody should be left behind and the Health Ministry looks forward to work closely with its stakeholder partners to achieve this.