Asees Kaur gets a wonderful surprise from her father

This weekend, get ready for the excitement to hit the roof as Zee TV’s clutter-breaking reality show Indian Pro Music League will inch closer to its semi finale. All the six teams will be seen putting their best foot forward while reminiscing the days spent and memories made during their journey with the show.

On this road to the semi-finale episode, Punjab Lions captain Asees Kaur and her team members Divya Kumar and Shehnaz will be seen giving an outstanding performance to the song ‘HalkaHalka’ which was originally sung by Divya Kumar itself. While Asees was beyond delighted by the appreciation received from the other teams, what really touched her was a heart-warming surprise that followed a couple of seconds after their spectacular performance.

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Giving Asees the loudest applaud on her performance was none other than her father who made a surprising entry holding her favourite sweet dish; KajuKatli. Not only was the talented captain surprised by his presence, but she also got a tad bit emotional on hearing her father talk about the struggle that she went through to get to where she is today.

As he mentioned, “Not many know but her journey to this stage started from Panipat, where we lived. When she was very young, she always kept telling me that she wants to become a singer and I should take her to Mumbai. But no one knew me in Mumbai, how would I take her there and what would she do? So, I told her that I will take her to Mumbai as soon as she gets any offers. By the grace of God, she got a call within a few days, so I had to take her to Mumbai.

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I remember clearly, we went there for 10 days, and I had this thought that nothing will happen to her singing career, and she will come back with me to Panipat, and we will get her married. I don’t know what changed in those 10 days that she has never returned completely to Panipat till date. A lot of people told me that I am making a mistake by taking her to Mumbai, there is tough competition for her, but I did not listen to them. In fact, there was a time when she was staying in a house that was the size of our bathroom in Patiala. She has faced a lot, struggled a lot, but she has worked hard, and I am very proud of what she has achieved today.”

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Well, this was surely a very proud, emotional and an overwhelming moment for everyone present on the set. While this heart-warming gesture is sure to melt your hearts, wait till you see the six teams putting forth some fantastic acts in this ‘AkhriDaur’ of the competition.