Ankit Gera signs his next with Vikram Bhatt

Ankit Gera is all set to make his short film debut with Vikram Bhatt productions next which is a horror film to be released on an OTT platform. Ankit says ” I had come to Mumbai for some work and I got a call from Vikram Bhatt productions wherein I met the director Bhushan Patel, he narrated the story to me and within a few hours I was on with the project. It a horror short film but very unusual.

I have Coral Bhamra opposite me and it is about paranormal activities that begin happening in the house suddenly and how I come to the rescue to unravel the mysteries. Bhushan Patel is great with this genre he makes it look so seamless and easy it was fun and few scenes even gave me the goosebumps. The film is titled Refrigerator.