Amritsari Kulcha & Punjabi sweets are ready for Baishaki celebration: Sanjeev Kumar Saini

By Indranil Halder

Punjab Indian Sweets & Restaurant has opened its door in Main Street, Blacktown. It is second restaurant for Sanjeev Kumar Saini. He has been in restaurant business for over thirteen years. Opened his very first restaurant in Mt Druitt. His Blacktown restaurant is built to serve customers with tasty food but fast and effective.

It was Sanjeev’s dream to open a new restaurant in Australia. He had worked as chef for many years. Back in India, he was a chef for Heritage Club, Amritsar. And his family owned a sweet shop too. Today between Mt Druitt and Blacktown, he serves more than 50 different nationalities who call Australia home. He prepares his favourite Amritisari Kulcha with his experienced chefs from India. And spends hours making Indian sweets. Customers walk in from Blacktown hospital, station, WestPoint shopping centre, local colleges , library and many medical centres to try his dishes. His commercial kitchen, function centre, sweet shop and free council parking for 470 guests are making his happy to enjoy Amritisari Kulcha. This Punjabi local dish has always been his favourite to enjoy with friends or family and he wants every Aussie to taste it.


Life was tough in Australia at the beginning with a very young family and no support. Luckily he started his own business which has paid off. Today, he caters Indian Street Food, IndoChinese, Punjabi and South Indian dishes with love and joy. As he spoke to me while trying to finish his lunch, customers kept calling for Baishaki celebration orders.

In the month of April, Baishaki celebration happens with new harvest to begin a new year. It is celebrated amongst many in India. Like Punjabis, Assamese, Bengalis, Odias, Tamilians and Keralites. Celebration continues with varieties of dishes to welcome Baishaki or new year. Even today many communities from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal and Sri Lanka continue the celebration.

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In Blacktown, Sanjeev is getting ready for orders from Kellyville, Glenwood and Stanhope Garden. He is excited about live jilabi making session in his Blacktown restaurant welcome the new year with 500 million people from across the globe. To celebrate the new year with lunch special, BYO drinks and many dishes with his home made spies. As celebration will start with many parties, his kitchen is getting ready to serve Uber Eat, Doordash and Menu log for the weekend.

This year, Baishaki is definitely going to be celebrated in Western Sydney with Indian Street Food, IndoChinese, Punjabi and South Indian dishes and no one can do it better then Punjab Indian Sweets & Restaurant.

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Sanjeev wishes everyone Happy Baishaki!