Ambika’s Chettinad-themed wedding stands out for its intricacies and perfectionism

The luxe event designer says how each wedding has been a new experience for her.

The Luxe event designer Ambika Gupta, with the latest Chettinad-themed wedding in Chennai has once again proved how her creative acumen crosses boundaries. The event held at the Leela Palace replicated the interiors of a Chettinad household with all its intricacies. The venue was decked with Tanjore paintings on the walls, Athangudi tiles, carved door handles, Chettinad furniture, and dull gold props.

The founder of the Chennai-based company, The A-Cube Project, Ambika Gupta says, “For me, each wedding is a new experience and I go into every detail to make them unique. The couple, Nithila and Keerthen were ardent lovers of traditional South Indian culture. I drew inspiration from ‘Moving Constant’, an art exhibit with traditional Tanjore style of painting that I saw at Terminal 2 of the Mumbai Airport. We used elements of a Chettinad house reminiscent of their grandparents’ home in the decor.”


Ambika has always been a stickler for perfectionism and she has gone that extra mile to maintain the authentic look of the event – from rich wooden textures to rustic jute details and dull gold props. The décor is further accentuated with intricate coconut weave lanterns, fragrant flower arrangements and traditional Chettinad furniture. Rich wooden CNC cut panels, rustic chick blinds with intricate gold detail panels inspired by Tanjore art encapsulate the feel of a luxe South Indian home.

This wedding also stood apart for the use of sustainable products like jute, wood, cane, and coconut. Authentic Tanjore paintings were sourced from smaller galleries on rent, providing employment to local artisans and vendors.

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“Yes, we have had our share of challenges. For instance, just before this wedding, Chennai city had come to a standstill due to the floods. But, with a strong support system of vendors, we are able bring our creative vision to life even during the most difficult times,” adds Ambika.