All Hail the Queen!

In this phase of social distancing with all of us in lockdown at home, Zee TV is all set to motivate its viewers by narrating a hard-hitting story based on true life events. A powerful account of an ordinary girl who stood up to life’s curveballs with courage and strength to emerge as the extraordinary ‘Iron lady of Indian politics, Queen is all set to leave the audiences inspired, starting 6th June, every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm only on Zee TV.

Bringing you the extraordinary journey of an ordinary girl, Queen chronicles the life of Shakti Seshadri, a spirited and determined woman whose vision and sense of resilience made her an epitome of strength for many like-minded women. Despite finding herself in several unfavourable circumstances at different stages of her life and being let down by some of the people she held closest to her heart, Shakti puts up a tough fight to emerge as a winner every step of her journey. In fact, the finite series captures her struggle with her family’s adverse financial position, her excelling in academics and rising to the ranks of a state topper to emerging as a leading superstar in the film industry and eventually becoming a voice to reckon with in Indian politics – the youngest chief minister of her state.

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Bringing the character of Shakti Sheshadri to life is none other than veteran south Indian actress Ramya Krishnan. Speaking about the character and the show, Ramya said, “I sensed a deep connection with the character on an emotional level, more so because her story speaks volumes of the plight of several women, yet gives them several reasons to rise against misogyny and prejudice. The character of Shakti represents hope and as an actor I have put my best foot forward to bring the role alive on the screen for the viewers. In fact, the character of Shakti is definitely one of my favourite ones and will always stay close to my heart. Talking about Queen, it is about the journey and the hardships that Shakti faced and how she overcame all odds as a strong and powerful woman in a man’s world. I feel it is a truly inspirational tale, one which everyone should watch in the current context!”

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An MX Player original, Queen is directed by National Award-winning director Gautham Vasudev Menon along with Prasath Murugesan. It is all set to come alive on the small screen for the first time and it will surely win the hearts of all viewers!