Ali Fazal turns superhero amid Covid-19 scare; steps out to distribute essentials to those in need

The world is in dire need of love, hope, and kindness. It’s incredibly heartwarming to see our favorite celebrities walking the extra mile in doing their bit for the world around them. Ali Fazal, who has been holed up in his Bandra home since March 10, decided to don his cape and mask (literally) and stepped out to help those in his close vicinity. Donning the famous Batman mask, the actor turned superhero for those in his area doing his bit to help out those in need. He heard from his regular vegetable vendor that he has been struggling to make ends meet for his family and that was the trigger for him to amass essential supplies and go deliver it to them amongst other such people whom he learned of. He even sashayed to the store with his batman mask, just to give people a reason to smile unexpectedly in these times of trial.

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The actor took some extra supplies of flour, rice, milk, sugar, and pulses along with him to drop it for other people who he knows from the area including his house help and security guard. Ali has been a Bandra boy for the last 5 years now and over the years he has made his own network of people who keep his life functioning on a day to day basis. As things are worsening for those who live on daily wages, Ali felt it’s his moral responsibility to help out whoever he could around him.