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Shraddha Kapoor has been delivering back to back hits and super hits. Our Bollywood guide ‘G9 Divya Solgama’ had a privilege to speak to her regarding her role in ‘Rock On 2’, her singing skills, her co-star Farhan Akhtar, her forthcoming films and her take on all the link-ups.

shraddha-kapoor-fijiShraddha, kindly walk us through your role in the movie ‘Rock On 2’ and also share us something about the song you sang in the movie?

Shraddha Kapoor – The best thing is that a ‘Rock On 2’ is being made.All the characters in the film have their own conflicts and somehow everyone’s conflicts are connected to each other in a way. My character’s name is Jiya Sharma. She is a keyboard player, programmer and a singer. There is something which is her back. I cannot reveal anything more. Regarding the song ‘Udja Re’, it’s the most difficult song that I ever had to sing in my life. I was training in music when I was growing up with my Nana. Unfortunately, he is no more. I regret not receiving more training from him in classical music. For ‘Rock On 2’ I had to train in a rock sort of music. Samantha Edwards who is a beautiful Jazz singer and a vocal coach also taught me some breathing exercises to hold my breath better for this song. It was very hard to croon this track but it turned out to be nice in the end.

Shraddha, you belong to a family which is known for its association with music. So among your family members who is your biggest inspiration in music? Also, would we see you giving a playback to other actress in the near future?

Shraddha Kapoor – My grand-maushi Lataji (Lata Mangeshkar). Actually, she has been a bigger inspiration for my mom who she has followed her through and through. Many people don’t know that my mom has the voice of an angel. She actually sounds like the younger version of Lataji. But she chose to devote her life in bringing up me and my brother. Sometimes me and my mother just sit and sing over a cup of tea.  As a kid I sang Paani Paani Re from ‘Maachis’ during one of my school annual functions and won the third prize. But I kept sulking that I couldn’t win the first prize instead. (laughs). I love Yeh Galiyaan yeh chaubara, the song from my maasi’s film. I also love those songs from the David Dhawan films.I think I am happy singing for myself (laughs). But never say never for anything. Actually, I also write my own songs now. I have never said this before in any interview that I have been writing for a while.

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Shraddha, from ‘Ek Villian’ to ‘Rock On 2’ how much have you evolved as a singer?

Shraddha Kapoor – I think the reason only why I have discovered singing is because of me being an actor. Another reason is watching ‘Rock On’. That time I was shooting for Teen Patti and went to see that film. After watching it I told my parents that if they ever make a sequel then I will be in it. It’s amazing that it turned out to be true. I was always fond of singing. It’s just that I didn’t know that I could do it in movies. When I saw Farhan singing his own songs in ‘Rock On’, I was like if he can do it then I should also give it a try.From singing Galliyaan for ‘Ek Villain’ to the ‘Rock On 2’ songs, I feel that my voice has become more basey. It’s nice to see the smiling faces of my parents and to see them feel proud of me. Sometimes late at night my father randomly messages me saying ‘Hey, I am really proud of you.’ That just feels great.

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Shraddha, how was it working with Farhan Akhtar? Would you ever be like to be directed by him in a film?

Shraddha Kapoor – I would definitely want to be directed by him in a film. Dil Chahta Hai is one of my favourite films. I loved Lakshya. As a co-star, he is so passionate on the sets as an actor and you can see that. He is extremely talented. It’s been amazing working with even Arjun (Rampal) and Purab (Kohli). Me and Shashank are the new entrants to the band and it’s been amazing working with all of them. Everybody welcomed me and Shashank with love straight into the Magik band. We felt totally at home and had a blast while shooting the film.

Shraddha, whats your take on the Marathi films being made in todays time? You being a half Maharastrian, would we see you being associated with the Marathi film industry?

Shraddha Kapoor – You know it’s really amazing to see the Marathi film industry doing so well. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen these films. But I would love to do a Marathi film if there is a nice script. Of course, I would have to polish up my Marathi.

Shraddha, one of your upcoming film ‘Haseena’ seems like a challenging film. So what special preparation are you doing for this film?

Shraddha Kapoor – I am very excited to play Haseena because not many know about this brother-sister story. I will be meeting Haseena Parkar’s family. I wish I could meet Haseena Parkar in real life. It would have been nice to know more things from her. But I will be watching some of her footages instead to prep up for the role.

Shraddha, kindly share us about your upcoming projects and is it true that you were approached for ‘Judwaa 2’?

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Shraddha Kapoor – As of now, there is no truth in that. The movies that I am doing right now is ‘Rock On 2’, ‘OK Jaanu’, ‘Half Girlfriend’ and ‘Haseena’. I haven’t signed anything else. I know there will be huge expectations related to some of these films. But, there is always some kind of pressure or the other. But, I think that’s also the fun of it. That just makes you want to work harder and be better than your previous films. I try to be better than my previous films and keep learning and growing as much as possible.

Shraddha, how do you handle all the link-ups with your co-stars? Does it affect your equation with them?

Shraddha Kapoor –  I really wonder where these things come up from. It’s so sad that when an actor is giving an interview about their film or about whatever that they want to talk about, but unfortunately at the end of the day, the headline of the article is related to the link-ups.I feel it’s so disrespectful for the actor who is giving the media so much time. We give our lives to the films and what do we see in the end? The link-up headlines! It’s so unfair and I feel that they should rather talk about all the efforts that I have put in my films. I wish that there was some responsible reporting in that sense and people should be more epithetic towards actors because we put ourselves in the limelight so that you have the control to ask us questions about whatever you want to ask.Having said that, I am very happily single and romancing films.

(Source – Bollywood Times)