A Short Take

Short film Launda Naach to be screened at OVFF Festival

About the Film:

Launda Naach is an art form where men dress up as women and dance to entertain at social functions and festivals. What once was a folk art has now become a degrading line of work where rich men hire the Laundas (male dancers) to dance for their own perverse pleasures…events that usually end in abuse and rape. One such Launda by the name of Bhuvan is a popular dancer, a husband and a father to a 9 year boy named Gungroo. Bhuwan hides the ugly truth from his son to protect his image and this leads to his son’s growing fascination with becoming a launda himself. Fearing that soon his son would discover the truth or worse, suffer like him, Bhuwan decides to retire from dancing, but not before one last gig in a nearby village. A gig that he reluctantly agrees to, tempted only by the money he desperately needs for his pregnant wife. The day of the gig, Bhuwan’s wife delivers a baby boy and Gungroo uses the good news as an excuse to run to his father and see him perform. As he elatedly runs to the village where his father is, little does he know that the entry fee to his father’s world is more than he bargained for.
Length and Form:
Launda Naach is a 27 min short film
Shafaq Khan


Jeeten Dutt
Platinum Pictures Pvt Ltd and S cube Entertainment
About Film Festival entry and awards:
Platinum Pictures Pvt Ltd, has been pre dominantly working on the film to get it circulated in the film festivals. The journey first started as we got the news of Launda Naach being officially selected for screening in OVFF [13th Other Venice Film Festival, California]. Then came the news of official selection for Human district festival Serbia.  Team Launda Naach’s joy knew no bound, when the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival[MIFF] officially selected Launda Naach for official Screening. It is the same festival, where many big feature films of Bollywood have been screened including Bang Bang of Hrithik in 2014. The journey to visit USA was initiated and the whole OVFF and MIFF team had been cooperating to call us down to USA. And the reason, OVFF bestowed us with the BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM AWARD dated 9th October. The MIFF nominated Launda Naach under 2 categories, Best Dramatic short film and Best Cinematography. However, due to hurricane the event has got postponed to 21st and 22nd October.
About OVFF Festival:
Organised in the beautiful city of Venice ,California by Reuben de La casas. This is the 13th year of the festival, which had 100s of films competing and 48 short films selected for screening. The event had beautiful combination of short films, animated films, feature films and music. A 3 day long event from 7th October till 9th October happens in Beyond Baroque, more then 100 year old culture center in the city. It is an honor to be awarded a best international short film award, amidst the Hollywood films and other international films, competing.