A Nite With Royals

Studio S & R Music Australia Arranged a #FundraisingConcert with the collaboration of S + M Lal on 2ND September 2017 Saturday nite at Canley Vale in Sydney. It was such a Block Buster Show where the Commissioner of Fiji YogeshPunja was also invited. He turned up with his beautiful wife and made the nite more prominent for Desi Community in Sydney.

Basically, Studio S&R tried their best to generate the funds for a girl from Fiji named Manisha Chandra who is fighting with Cancer since last year in Liverpool hospital. Mr and MrsLal who presented this fundraising show approached to Sunanda Chandra through Ranjana Naidu who is Sunanda’s family friend, though Mrs Chandra only does commercial shows but when she saw these genuine and well deserving people she straight away took up the project and started working on it with her entire crew.


After working hard for a couple of weeks Studio S & R has now proved the entire Sydney that how exactly the show with packed house needs to be done. Enough funds been generated and the whole amount has been donated to assist Manisha’s expensive treatment for cancer already. The major credit of this Massive success goes to Mr and MrsLal, Mr and Mrs Naidu, Commissioner of Fiji YogeshPunja and wife and all those people who helped the Studio on ground physically and financially to make this event happened. Many thanks to all the fam&fans for their powerful support and all the crew members who worked really hard for this success. Team work always pays off b’coz together we can dream anything.