Cochlear’s global headquarters celebrates Hearing Awareness Week

On August 22, more than 100 Cochlear Implant recipients will be joining cricketing legend Brett Lee, Cochlear’s Global Hearing Ambassador, at Cochlear’s global headquarters for a special breakfast to celebrate Hearing Awareness Week (August 21 – 27). The event will also recognise the contribution of valued Cochlear implant research volunteers.

bret-fijiIt will make a great photo opportunity and Brett will be available for an interview to talk about his Ambassadorial role, his cricket commentating duties and his starring role in the movie UNIndian, part of which was shot at Cochlear’s global headquarters in North Ryde.

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As it’s Hearing Awareness Week, Brett is calling on the community to take action on hearing loss and to get their hearing checked. In Australia, 3.5 million people are deaf or have a hearing loss. While solutions such as hearing aids and Cochlear implants enhance a person’s ability to communicate, 85% of people with hearing loss don’t use these devices.

“I can’t imagine cricket without sound: on the field not hearing the appeals and the crowd, off the field not hearing team mates, or at home not hearing family,” Brett says. “That’s why a cochlear implant is so important. It can change all of that. I’ve seen it happen. When people are ‘switched on’ for the first time, when they suddenly hear sound, you can see their sheer joy at being able to hear life. It is a wonderful, life changing moment. “Hearing Awareness Week is important because it gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of hearing loss and remind people to take care of their ears and get regular hearing health checks,” says Brett. “Just as we get our eyes, skin and teeth checked, we should also get our hearing checked.”