A date to forget

‘Wedding Anniversary’ movie review by G9 Divya Solgama


Every actor has a film which got delayed due to several reasons and finally got to see the release daylight after a long time. In most of the cases, that actor’s latest film’s successes helps getting the delayed or stuck film get its release. While in few, it’s the addition of new financier or an associate producer who managed to rake in the required money for the film’s release. ‘Wedding Anniversary’ is one such film which went on the floor two years back and now manages to see its theatrical release. Nana Patekar returns back to Hindi films after a gap of two years and at the same time after the super success of his regional film ‘Natsamrat’. Thus, let’s find out whether ‘Wedding Anniversary’ will manage to give us one more good performance based film or might end up being among all those films which loses its freshness due to the right delay in its release.


‘Wedding Anniversary’ is a story of Kahani (Mahi Gill) and her husband Nirbhay (Priyanshu Chatterjee), who decides to celebrate their wedding anniversary in Goa. Nirbhay has some urgent work thus Kahani decides to reach to the destination and starts preparing for her wedding anniversary night. Nirbhay gets stuck into his meeting and informs Kahani about it. This upset’s Kahani as she had planned a wonderful evening full of togetherness. Kahani decides to read her favourite author Nagarjun’s (Nana Patekar) book and at that moment the doorbell rings. Kahani expects Nirbhay to be at the door but gets surprised to see Nagarjun standing outside her house. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

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Screenplay & Technical Details:

The one liner story on papers looks smashing. Sadly the treatment is not up to the mark. Everything in the movie is abruptly placed or done with an overdose of melodrama. The whole dragging Alice in Wonderland version of Mahi Gill in Goa is dragging and full of over enthusiasm. Mahi’s character keeps behaving like a newly married girl in her early twenties, which fails to connect. The self-talking about Mahi Gill is irritating and not up to the mark. There are many random scenes which fails to connect properly with the story line of Mahi Gill’s character. The first half is abrupt and the second one is boring and dragging. The only saving grace in the movie is Nana Patekar and that too only in a few scenes. Scenes such as his entry part describing his existence, imitating political leaders, talking about clothes, his story of becoming a writer, his version of true love and few more. The scenes are interesting on its individual basis. But in terms of the movie, they tend to become repetitive and lose the intensity after a while. The confrontation between the lead characters lacks the magic we had witnessed in films like ‘Itefaq’, ‘Raincoat’, ‘Aavishkar’ and few such films. The pseudo involvement in the movie reminds you of the horror we had witnessed in films like ‘Roy’ and few more. The dialogues are bookish and works only in some scenes featuring Nana Patekar. The cinematography is average.

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The music is decent and ‘Ittefaqan’ along with ‘Aaye Saiyan’ are good but lacks the longevity. Rest songs, including the item song are unwanted.


Director Shekhar S. Jha tries to create a story set in the mind of Mahi Gill and presents it in a drama type of style. He fails miserably due to cluttered screenplay, loud performance and dragging narration style. The magic required in such films is nowhere to be seen in the case of this film.


Nana Patekar is brilliant in some parts. While in others, he amuses you with a thought that why did he sign such weak and abruptly written film. Mahi Gill looks beautiful and keeps changing her dresses more than changing her facial expressions. She tries hard to look young, but fails miserably. Priyanshu Chatterjee and Shruti Sharma are wasted.

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Final Verdict:

On an overall basis, ‘Wedding Anniversary’ is like going out on a jilted date, which despite of looking tempting, you just want to forget and erase it away from your memory.

Rating – 1.5/5 (Source – Bollywood Times)