24 Year Old Deepan Sets World Record of Maximum 68 Push-ups in 1 Minute Carrying 60 LB Pack Weight

24 year old Deepan Gurjar beat the Guinness World Record with Maximum 68 Push ups in 1 minute carrying 60 LB Pack Weight. Before that the record of maximum push ups in one minute (male) carrying 60 LB Pack Weight is 57 which was achieved by Ron Cooper from USA on 11 February 2016

Deepan Gurjar said, I am so delighted that I have been able to break the world record of maximum push ups in 1 minute. For this achievement I want to give credit to my Father, Ramnivas Gurjar, My Mentor Rohtash Choudhary and Navin Tanwar. With the support of successors and family, I have been successful in the attempt and made 11 more push ups than the last record. The next essential step is to get the approval from Guinness World Record authority and make it registered. We also Wishes to make many more such records and add to the glory of nation.


I believe, with the encouragement of Rohtash Choudhary from Aazad Asha Organization I have been able to make the attempt.

Guinness World Record breaker in 2015 in Most Pushup from India, Rohtash Choudhary was also present on occasion. He encouraged and appreciated Deepan for making a wonderful attempt of breaking the Ron Cooper’s record.

Deepan is a Fitness Trainer. He was practising for this attempt since 2016. He believes India has immense talent that needs to be recognised. He wishes to get more record registered on his name in Maximum Pushups in future.