The agriculture sector’s importance to the economy will be promoted during the 2019 National Agriculture Show which will be held at the Valelevu Grounds, from the 03-05 July 2019.

With the aim to publicize agriculture services, showcase new products and technology to farmers and promote the production of agricultural crops and private sector partnership, this year’s national agriculture show is earmarked to attract an estimated 20,000 people during the course of the event.

This year’s theme, “Agriculture: Our Hope, Our Future for a Healthy and Wealthy Fiji” encourages farmers to develop further on to commercial agriculture and to view farming as a business, while also promoting healthy lifestyles in light of the country’s alarming statistics related to Non-Communicable Diseases.


The theme also reflects the importance of developing agricultural strategies to secure sustainable food security, placing emphasis on agriculture as the backbone and hope for Fiji as a robust and precise industry that can steer the economy forward, considering the impending effect of climate change on the sector.

During the Show, there will be daily displays by the Ministry of Agriculture’s Divisions, Crop Extension, Crop Research, and Animal Health and Production Division which includes Plant Health Clinics, Stray Dog Awareness, Livestock and Crop management practices and presentations and displays by the Ministry of Fisheries, Ministry of Forests and other invited stakeholders.

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Members of the public are also invited to be part of scheduled plenary sessions during the first two days of the Agriculture Show to hear from public and private sector partners as farmers and agricultural enthusiasts will also have an opportunity to express their views and experiences on how best to develop the sector.

Demonstrations of live animals, crops and management practices will also be on display.