$165M cost for 4-lane highway from Nadi Airport to Wailoaloa junction

The cost for the completion of the four‑lane highway from Nadi Airport to Wailoaloa Junction will be around $165 million. This was highlighted by the Minister for Infrastructure Parveen Bala who says this has been due to the relocation of the water pipes, electricity cables and the telecommunications cables.

He says the project is from the Naisoso junction to Nadi Airport, all the way to commercial centres of Namaka and Martintar to the Wailoaloa Junction. Bala says the Fiji Roads Authority is on track to complete the project by April 2018.

Opposition MP, Prem Singh then said that the initial contract price was $66 million for 6km of roads and why is there a substantial variation. Singh asked the Minister if the cost benefit analysis was done.

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In response, Bala said that the initial cost mentioned by Singh is incorrect. Opposition MP Viliame Gavoka then stated that this four lane road is done all the way to Denarau and questioned what is being  done for the people from Saunaka village, Kennedy Avenue, Navoci and Namotomoto as they also deserve better roads.

Bala says he had earlier highlighted the stages of this project. He says they are currently at stage two of the project and stage three will see the road upgrade from Sitara restaurant to the Nadi Muslim College which includes the village and areas highlighted by Gavoka.

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News and Photo Credit :fijivillage.com