​Krystle D’souza becomes first television star to launch her own mobile app

Photos by Kabir M Ali

Krystle D’souza has announced the release of her new mobile app in collaboration with New York-based tech firm EscapeX. The new app will enable fans to access Krystle’s social handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and directly interact with her through the in-app social feed. This provides an unparalleled experience for her large fan base, who will enjoy unique & exclusive content from Krystleand a personal view of her life.

The app will provide unique features like push notifications, Featured Videos, Superstar posts, contests, Super fan badges, a subscription service, and live Broadcast and chat between Krystle and her fans.

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An exciting, patented feature will transform how fans interact with Krystle by giving them the option to boost their or their peers’ comments to increase visibility and actually be seen by the star herself. By turning recognition into virtual currency, the entire fan base can trade their earned or purchased in-app currency to promote themselves and others to the top of the comments feed and become Top Fans. This one of a kind tool also increases fan-2-fan engagement, while giving users a true sense of community.